About John Harmann

I have been in and around Harmann Studios my whole life. Throughout high school, I was involved in camera sales and print production at our studio on 3rd Avenue in Sturgeon Bay. I was also involved with the other part of the family business, Harmann Farms, which was just north of Algoma, for 8 years. My brother, Kevin Harmann, has since taken over the farms, and is a proud fourth generation Harmann farmer. 

I was not interested in the farms after spending many hours each day picking rocks, bailing hay, and many other not-so-glamorous jobs. But working as hard as I did on the farm taught me work ethic. It also taught me that I did not want to be a farmer. Instead, I wanted to do something in business, so I sought a degree in business at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. 

After graduating from college, I accepted a job with Hormel, and then eventually General Motors. I learned many great skills that I now use to lead my team. Being a part of two Fortune 500 companies made me realize that I wanted to own my own business one day. Then, in November 1994, I received a call from my dad, Wayne Harmann, asking me if I wanted to give a career with Harmann Studios a try. My uncle, Clif Harmann, was battling Parkinson's disease and my dad needed help, so I accepted a job as a professional photographer and owner of the studio on West Mason Street in Green Bay. 

During the beginning of my career at Harmann Studios, I met my wife, Amy, at Lambeau Field. We have been happily married for 17 years. Her, my daughter Anna (13), and son Evan (10), are the loves of my life. Our Family enjoys anything outdoor: Mountain biking, skiing, camping, baseball, tennis, boating, and my favorite, snowmobiling. We're a pretty goofy family that loves to have fun and adventure the many cities that await us around the United States. 

Soon after moving back to Green Bay, I photographed a child that had soon lost their life. The mom of the child had stopped by our studio one day, and I happened to be there. She came up to me, tears streaming down her face, and just gave me a huge hug. Right there, I knew that my work had a purpose, touching people's lives with every image I capture. It is so true that photographers and artists are the only careers that can stop time. It was in that moment, at the age of 24, I knew this would be my life-long career. Stopping time and creating memories for families is an honor each and every time that a customer asks me to step behind the camera and push the shutter release down. 

It's a privilege to be on this earth to help others. I believe that I am living out this privilege through our creation of beautiful portraits that our clients will cherish for generations to come. The memories that we create help people during the grieving process, and many years after, by having that special portrait of their loved one. Through our success, we have also been able to give back to our community through charitable contributions to hundreds of non-profits in Northeast Wisconsin. 

After over 50 years of being in business, and me being the second generation owner, I am proud that we continue to impress our clients with our state-of-the-art production facility, and the largest, one-of-a-kind studio built in De Pere in 2009. We have accomplished a lot as a team, with our hard work and vision. I am so grateful that I get to work with a wonderful team of people I care for deeply. My team makes Harmann Studios what is: I am just the glue that keeps it together.  As the current leader of my team, I constantly remind them that each phone call that comes in, every image we capture, and each print that we produce is an honor that they need to hold near and dear. No matter if it's a school picture, or a picture of a family, we must create an unforgettable experience for them. We need to be sure that each time our customers look at an image we create, they are filled with joy. 

If you are reading this bio, I hope to meet you soon, and maybe capture an unforgettable image of you or your loved ones.