Children Investment

what can I expect to invest?

FREE pre-session consultations.

The process of planning the perfect portrait of your child is not as difficult as one might think, but there are some ideas we'd love to share with you to get the very best images during your session.  Let our experience guide you through this process so that it is enjoyable and completely successful. We will assist you with clothing ideas, location of the session, display space options and more! This pre-session consultation is offered free of charge, in person, at the studio, or in your home, if done prior to finalizing your clothing choices.


Your investment in your child's portrait starts first with the session fee. 

Your session is the time spent with an experienced, professional photographer. This is the most important step in creating a great portrait. The photographer you choose needs to be patient and calming; never pushing a child into the feeling of fear or uneasy. Custom LOCATIONS can help create and tell a story: your child's story. Outdoor sessions are generally considered more comfortable and relaxed for children as the outdoors will open a sense of curiosity that can be priceless in the portrait. Indoor portraits are more classic, and sometimes more convenient, especially if you are going for a more traditional look. Either choice will assure you get an incredible portrait that you will be proud to display in your home.

The second part of your investment is high-quality portraits for your home and to share.

While the industry has changed to people with cameras handing over files on a disc or a jump drive, we are committed to providing our clients with the very best product possible. From skin retouching, to image enhancement, your files are handled by true professionals for the very best results. Our own professional lab then prints, finishes and hand delivers them to our studios for pick up so they are never exposed to poor handling or extreme weather conditions. This quality is not something you will get from printing on your own-anywhere. The professionally-finished files ordered from are then archived for three years and then offered to you for purchase after that time.