Senior Investment

what can I expect to invest?

Your investment in senior portraits start first with the photo shoot fee. 

Your photo shoot is the time spent one-on-one with an experienced professional senior artist. This is the most important step in creating a great portrait. While many believe everything happens in Photoshop, the very best portraits happen with expertise and technical quality. Fixing should be the very last resort! Along with technical quality, the proper use of light and posing, and locations or backgrounds, will assure you get an incredible portrait that you will be proud to display in your home and share with your friends. A portrait that not only looks like you; but represents who you are!

The second part of your investment is high-quality portraits for your home and to share.

While the industry has changed to people with cameras handing over files on a disc or a jump drive, we are committed to providing our clients with the very best product possible. From skin retouching, to image enhancement, your files are handled by true professionals for the very best results. Our own professional lab then prints, finishes and hand delivers them to our studios for you so they are never exposed to poor handling or extreme weather conditions. This quality is not something you will get from printing on your own-anywhere. The professionally-finished files ordered from are then archived for three years and then offered to you for purchase after that time.

Every photo shoot includes a complimentary session design for you to meet with one of our photographers or portrait consultants to design your senior session. This includes clothing options, locations, ideas and more! Remember: This is all about YOU!

do I get digital files with that?

We do offer a digital collection as an option to purchase in our A La Carte collection. This can also be added onto the Build Your Own Collection at a discounted rate. You will receive the printing rights and high resolution images for your own personal use.